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Leonid Slutsky: “Washington wants to realize its foreign policy tasks cheaply and selfishly”

Chairman of the Committee Leonid Slutsky:
“The intention of the US Congress to increase military assistance to Ukraine in 2020 from the current $ 200 million to $ 250 million fully complies with the American task of securing Ukraine in the orbit of its influence.

The main goal is to preserve the anti-Russian course of Kiev without any possible constructive changes after the arrival of the new government.

Certain fears arose in the United States following the results of the Ukrainian presidential election, when it became obvious that frantic Russophobia and the exclusively pro-Western vector of development are not supported by the overwhelming majority of the population. And this undermines all plans of Washington to spread American hegemony. After all, even a slight improvement in Russian-Ukrainian relations will immediately weaken the overall containment of Moscow, in which Ukraine plays the role of the “main front” today. And, most importantly, it will not allow the United States to further manipulate its European allies, to keep them “in check” with the help of myths about the “Russian threat”.

Therefore, Washington seeks to consolidate and even institutionalize Kiev’s purely pro-American orientation with various kinds of handouts, including an increase in the volume of military budgets.
In this sense, this proposal is consonant with another recent initiative of the Congress – on granting Ukraine the status of “the main US ally outside NATO.”

It is noteworthy that in either case, Washington does not undertake any obligations to protect Ukraine, does not provide guarantees of its security, and does not promise to provide it with direct military assistance in case of an attack from outside.

In any case, an increase in military aid cannot change the balance of power. As well as granting the status of “the main ally of the United States outside NATO” is a purely symbolic gesture that does not impose an obligation on the United States to defend Ukraine.

In a word, Washington, as usual, wants to realize its foreign policy tasks cheaply and selfishly, ignoring the fates of other nations. Because it is obvious that the extra $ 50 million of US military aid will definitely not contribute to the resolution of the military conflict in the Donbass region, nor to improving the situation of European security as a whole.

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