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British top diplomat indulging in exploiting topic of ‘Russian threat’ – embassy

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is indulging in the exploitation of the topic of the alleged ‘Russian threat’ in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, the Russian embassy in London said on Sunday commenting on Raab’s article in the Sunday Telegraph.

The article was titled Britain Couldn’t Confront Putin if Jeremy Corbyn Were Prime Minister.

“In the heat of the election campaign we wouldn’t want to comment on ideas of what would happen if a certain politician came to lead the government. We would just like to mention that this is another example of short-term exploitation of the fictional “Russian threat”. We realise that this is done in the run-up to the elections as well as the NATO summit in London. Yet such publications are not helpful for Russian-British relations as a whole,” the Russian embassy said.

According to the embassy, British politicians understand that cooperation with Russia is quite possible and is in Britain’s interests. They are aware that “it is completely unnecessary to “confront” Russia,” it noted. “By the way, one of the spheres of cooperation could be combating terrorism. Quite frankly, we are surprised that instead of this Dominic Raab is using the London Bridge tragedy for a new wave of anti-Russian rhetoric. We will let the British voters make further assessments.”

In his article, Raab says that Friday’s terror attack at London Bridge was a reminder of numerous security threat the United Kingdom is facing. He argues that should the opposition Labor Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused by the Conservatives of sympathies with Russia, come to power it would be unable to confront neither of them.

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