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Leonid Slutsky on the results of the Munich Conference

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

“The Munich Security Conference is increasingly moving away from its original goals and objectives. In recent years, its Western members have mainly practiced Russophobia and are discussing what else to do to “curb Russia.” And this time, speakers from Europe and the United States repeated on-duty phrases about Russian “aggression” and “threats emanating from Moscow.” In fairness, many had to admit the obvious: Russia cannot be “repelled and isolated,” and sanctions have long and painfully hit the boomerang in European countries.

The discussion in reality showed the lack of unity in the West as such, which some speakers delicately called the “identity crisis”. And here, in my opinion, a rather sad picture is observed – we practically did not hear from representatives of states that declared themselves “the bearers of democracy” of constructive proposals to eliminate international tension and overcome regional crises.

The first concern about general disunity was expressed by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who set the tone for the discussion. He mentioned Russia several times, combining criticism with calls for dialogue with Moscow. The President said that the EU needs a new policy in the Russian direction, which is not limited to “condemning statements and sanctions.”

“Europe is becoming a continent that does not believe in its future,” French President Emmanuel Macron gloomily stated. He acknowledged that anti-Russian sanctions did not bring anything positive to either Russia or Europe. Macron believes that as a result, the countries “have accumulated frozen conflicts, a system of mistrust.” Moreover, the restriction “absolutely did not change anything in Russia”, which, according to him, “cannot be blocked and ignored”. A correct diagnosis and a sober stance, although not without a “fly in the ointment.”

The Americans came up with traditional rhetoric: the fact that the world has long become multipolar, and the ideology of US hegemony is collapsing, they do not see and are still trying to blame Russia and China for all international problems. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in his speech exponentially rebuffed anyone who believes that the US and the EU have weakened. “We are winning. Victory is on our side and do not believe those who say otherwise, ”he said. But the facts are stubborn things, and with such conclusions, based on at least the difficult situation in the Middle East, I would not rush.

Zelensky’s debut in Munich was distinguished by sci-fi. The Ukrainian leader began to talk about his intention to hold elections in Crimea and one of the most powerful armies in Europe – Ukrainian. In the first case, either amnesia, or a mutation of the American “interference” virus in the electoral processes of the Russian region, in the second, we leave out the comments on the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But here we must clearly understand that the equation with the variables for resolving the conflict “on the terms of a strong army” can be equal only to the continuation of the war.

The Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved with the help of military force, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov directly stated in his speech. This was confirmed in the past, when the situation on the battlefield forced the Minsk agreements to be signed, and this is confirmed now, when another attempt to win a military victory is being choked. But, despite this, in a number of Western countries calls are being made louder to strengthen support for the Kiev authorities’ policy of militarizing society and the state, “pumping” Ukraine with deadly weapons, and drawing into NATO.

In general, speaking of the Munich Conference, one cannot disagree with Lavrov’s opinion that the discussion “is clearly not aimed at using this meeting of wise and experienced husbands to make recommendations”. The calculation goes to high-profile statements and media headlines, and not the search for real solutions.

It is symptomatic that while politicians spoke, several thousand people in the center of Munich organized an action against NATO and the war …

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