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Leonid Slutsky: PACE winter session ends today in Strasbourg

For the Russian delegation, it was without a doubt successful and productive. Briefly about the main results:
1. The credentials of the Russian delegation were confirmed in full with a margin of more than half the votes (96 “+” at 44 “-”). The representatives of the so-called Baltic Plus group, who remained in the minority in their Russophobic hysteria, opposed mainly. This is a significant result for further constructive work on the Strasbourg site.

2. Peter Tolstoy – the head of the Russian delegation – was elected PACE Vice-Speaker. Now Russia receives its permanent representative in the Bureau of the Assembly and can influence the formation of its agenda. This is no less significant result. With all my heart I congratulate Peter Olegovich once again!

3. Russia proposed to PACE to adopt a declaration in defense of historical truth, against its distortion in favor of the political situation and the inadmissibility of a war with monuments to soldiers liberating from fascism in the Council of Europe states. With 20 signatures required for publication, 77 delegates of the Assembly signed under its text, and this is not the limit.

4. The arrival in Strasbourg of Cyril and Vyshinsky and Elena Cherysheva and their meeting with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic, shed light on the flagrant violations of freedom of speech in Ukraine and freedom of professional choice in Estonia. This was especially important in the context of the discussion of the report on the safety of journalists of the British Foulkes, where biased and one-sided approaches were again applied to Russia, and the Baltic states and Ukraine were practically not mentioned.
The Russian delegation from session to session regains its position in PACE and successfully goes through the process of “reintegration” on the Strasbourg site. We consistently clarify our point of view, they listen to us and hear us! This, in my opinion, is the main condition for dialogue.

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