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Leonid Slutsky took part in the International Conference “World War II: Truth for Peace”

Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

Today at Okhotny Ryad the International Conference “World War II: Truth for Peace”, organized by the Youth Parliament under the State Duma, was held.

An important task is performed by our young parliamentarians. No one and nothing should be forgotten, especially nowadays – with ongoing attempts to falsify history, glorify Nazi criminals, and conduct marches of SS legionaries along the streets of European capitals. We all need to remember how the Great Victory was forged, how many lives were given for our ancestors for it and what the world owes to the Soviet soldiers-liberators, whose role in the fight against fascism they are consistently trying to belittle in the West, blasphemously tearing out the monuments and monuments of the Red Army from the land saturated with them same blood.

It is symbolic that on the same day the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on Social and Humanitarian Issues adopted the Russian draft resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism. The resolution recommends that countries take concrete measures, “including in the legislative field and in the field of education, in accordance with their international human rights obligations, in order to prevent a review of the outcome of World War II and the denial of crimes against humanity.” The document was approved by a majority vote, only representatives of the USA and Ukraine abstained. It is very sad that Russophobia and the political situation continue to cover their eyes so much.

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