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Putin urged to fight glorification of Nazism

It is extremely important to preserve the historical memory of world wars, and to resist the glorification of the fascist criminals, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated. According to the head of state, it is impossible to prevent anyone from falsifying history and honoring false heroes instead of real ones, TASS reports. The president spoke at the meeting with the heads of world news agencies, held in St. Petersburg.

The Russian leader recalled that in some Eastern European countries, in Ukraine and in the Baltic States, one can meet “people with a swastika.” At the same time, only representatives of the Jewish movement struggle with the glorification of Nazism in the European space. The rest prefer to turn a blind eye to such outrageous facts, based on some of their own short-lived motives. “This is a disgrace, this is simply disgusting,” Putin said.

He is confident that if the descendants forget the lessons of the Second World War, they will betray the memory of the feat of their ancestors, who laid down their heads in the fight against fascism.

It is necessary to remember those who fought in the ranks of the Resistance in Europe and in Germany itself, who died during the landing of an assault force in Normandy or while escorting convoys from Great Britain to Murmansk.

Only by preserving the memory of the past tragedy it will be possible to prevent its recurrence in the future, the President of Russia added. He has no doubt that “we are able to do this if we treat each other with respect.”

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