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Trump decided to withdraw troops from Syria

Donald Trump’s Twitter has long been a source of world sensation. Today, too, the President of the United States excited everyone with his short message.

We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency

American journalists immediately contacted their sources in the Pentagon. And there they took it and confirmed it – the complete withdrawal of American troops from Syria is being prepared!

One could, of course, argue who actually defeated the terrorists in Syria. Although – what is there to argue: the chaos in the country stopped only after the appearance of the Russian troops and our aviation. What was recognized at the time in the UN.

On the other hand, the withdrawal of Americans from Syria, if it happens of course, is also a kind of victory over those who were at the origin of the creation of terrorist organizations in the country.

True, many experts believe that the withdrawal of troops is just a substitution of concepts. In their place will come private American military companies, which, in fact, will play the role of the same army. It is in this scenario, the United States withdrew troops from Afghanistan.

– Where will the Americans take the military infrastructure, the bases that were created in the east and north of Syria? – says director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia, Semen Bagdasarov. – Who will give the oil and gas fields that control? No one in their right mind would refuse such a thing.

By the way, the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders, has already said that the coalition of the West in Syria will not cease to exist. The United States and its allies will continue to be ready to return and defend American interests if necessary.

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