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Leonid Slutsky on the first day of the autumn session of PACE

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky:

“The autumn session of the PACE started in Strasbourg. One of its first decisions was the inclusion on the agenda of an item on the ongoing debate on the violation of democratic rights and the right to peaceful demonstrations in elections to the Moscow City Duma. The proposal was made by the political group “Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe”, whose representatives initially insisted on discussions on an urgent procedure with the preparation of a report and a draft resolution. The format of the current debate involves only discussion in plenary without accepting binding recommendations. This is a kind of compromise.

Nevertheless, the introduction of this issue is an attempt to use the Council of Europe platform to intervene in the internal affairs of member countries and to promote politicized and biased assessments of non-systemic opposition and Western media. It is unacceptable.

The Assembly should not again go in the wake of the Russophobian minority. We count on impartial assessments of the Moscow events, taking into account the official position of our country. “Unauthorized actions and attacks on law enforcement officials in no member state of the Council of Europe cannot be considered a democratic norm.”

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