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Leonid Slutsky: “Relations between Russia and Iran are on the rise today”

Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs:

“The first meeting of the Commission on Cooperation of the State Duma and the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran was constructive and, I would say, most businesslike. Today,relations between our countries are on the rise, and it refers not only to inter-parliamentary ties, but also to cooperation in transport, energy and trade.

For example, Russian railway workers take an active part in the construction of the transport corridor “North-South”. Negotiations are underway to create a joint operator, which will serve this highway. In addition, Open Society “RZD” (Russian Railways) has a number of serious projects in Iran.

Compared to last year, the trade turnover between our countries increased by 30%. Trade in agricultural products is especially active: in just 7 months of this year its volume has grown 1.6 times – this is a good start! Now Russian car manufactures actively enter the Iranian market and they need reliable partners on the territory of Republic.

Returning to the work of the Commission, I can say that this format of cooperation should be recognized as both reliable and effective. I recall that the meeting was held on the eve of the summit of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey, the central theme of which would be the situation in Syria.”

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