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Russia Day is celebrated with festivals, concerts and exhibitions

One of the youngest public holidays, the Day of Russia, is celebrated on Wednesday, June 12th. The Declaration of State Sovereignty of the country was adopted on this day in 1990. Two years later, the date was added to the list of holidays. It received its present name only in 2002.

The Kremlin will host a solemn reception, one and a half thousand people are invited to take part. Among them are the members of the government, the Council of the Federation and the State Duma, other state officials. High-ranking clergymen of various confessions, leaders of public associations, cultural, science and art figures, ambassadors of foreign countries are going to join them.

The state awards ceremony is traditionally held on this day.

Patriotic flashmobs, sports festivals, concerts and many other events are planned in the regions. By tradition, the holiday program includes the delivery of passports to young Russians. Those over the age of 14 are invited to the ceremony.

The holiday will cover almost three dozen city parks in Moscow. Jazz orchestras, folklore groups, pop singers will perform in the open air.

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