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Russia vows to fight Poland’s ploy to rewrite historical truth about WWII in PACE

During upcoming sessions, the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) intends to raise the topic of protecting the historical memory of the war against Nazism and the inadmissibility of rewriting or falsifying it, given the backdrop of recent statements coming from the Polish legislature. That said, the delegation might submit a draft resolution on that issue, Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s (lower house) Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky told reporters on Tuesday.

“We will discuss this situation within the framework of our contacts with all political groups without exception. [Our] colleagues from the Polish Sejm also work in PACE,” Slutsky noted.

He did not rule out that the Russian delegation may submit a draft resolution, but “to do this we must be sure that this resolution will pass, and those in Warsaw who are trying to blot out this historical memory won’t succeed,” should this draft resolution be rejected, the legislator added.

According to him, this draft resolution may appear in the foreseeable future, but first of all Russian lawmakers will seek to convince their European colleagues of the inadmissibility of falsifying history.

“Our task is to consistently convey the truth to those who are unaware of what is going on in Warsaw today,” Slutsky went on to say. The goal is to see that more politicians in Europe hear out “thinkers, including those in the institutions of civil society” and realize “what unacceptable developments are taking place there [in Poland — TASS] and what decisions are being made.” Russian policymakers will be working on all international platforms to “convey the truth about how the results of WWII are being distorted,” he stressed.

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