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Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev held a meeting with US National Security Adviser John Bolton

A meeting with US National Security Adviser John Bolton was constructive and no accusations against Russia were voiced, Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said on Thursday.

“No accusations against us were voiced and the work was constructive,” he stressed. Patrushev said non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, including with regard to Iran and North Korea, had been discussed at his talks with Bolton.

“Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and missile technologies, generally as well as in respect to the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and Iran, problems related to Iran. Ensuring strategic stability and issues of arms control,” Patrushev cited the topics at the Thursday’s talks in Geneva.

“We planned to sign the joint statement, but did not sign it, because the Americans wanted the joint statement to contain our involvement in their election. But we do not confirm it; we say that it is not true,” Patrushev said.

“I stated that we will not tolerate such actions in 2018 and are ready to take the necessary measures to counter them,” he said.

Patrushev has invited Bolton to Moscow for new consultations.

“We agreed that we will hold the next meeting. I invited them to Moscow or another city in Russia,” Patrushev noted. “The dates have not been agreed yet.”

Russia is working on all proposals put forward by the Americans in Geneva and expects prompt response from Washington to Russia’s initiatives, he said.

“We are working on all proposals and wishes expressed by our partners. For our part, we hope for prompt response from Washington to the initiatives that were put forward so that we can begin substantive work to remove mutual concerns,” he said.

According to Patrushev, Russia put forward specific initiatives on each of the issues raised at the meeting concerning cooperation between Russia and the US. “The issue at hand is practical steps that both countries could take to increase mutual understanding on major international security problems and in bilateral relations,” he said.

The Russian side’s statement dedicated to negotiations between Patrushev and Bolton obtained by TASS states that during the meeting in Geneva the parties brought up a wide range of issues, including, those concerning nuclear nonproliferation with regard to the Korean Peninsula problem and Iran’s nuclear program, the Russian-US treaties on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles and the reduction of strategic offensive arms, the situation in various parts of the world, including the Middle East and North Africa, specifically Syria and Afghanistan as well as Europe, in particular Ukraine.

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