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UN committee passes resolution calling on US to promptly issue visas to foreign diplomats

The United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee has passed a resolution calling on the US to promptly issue visas to foreign diplomats, including Russians, a TASS correspondent reported.

The resolution expressed “serious concern regarding the non-issuance of entry visas to certain representatives of certain Member States.”

According to the resolution, the UN General Assembly “expects he prompt issuance by the host country of entry visas to all representatives of Member States and members of the Secretariat… and, in a timely manner, to enable persons assigned as members of permanent missions or recruited to serve in the Secretariat to take up their assignments as promptly as possible and to enable representatives of Member States to travel to New York on United Nations business, and notes that the Committee anticipates that the host country will continue to enhance efforts, including visa issuance, to facilitate the participation of representatives of Member States in other United Nations meetings, as appropriate.”

The document was sponsored by Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Costa Rica and Ivory Coast. The UN General Assembly is expected to consider it in December.

Since the beginning of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the United States has failed to issue entry visas to 18 Russian delegates, including those who were supposed to participate in the UNGA High-Level Week.

According to Spokesperson for the Russian UN Mission Maria Zabolotskaya, the passing of the resolution is just the first step. She added that Moscow expected the UN secretary general to actively facilitate its implementation.

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