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Vladimir Putin meets Kim Jong-un in Vladivostok

The negotiations of the Russian and Korean leaders take place in Vladivostok, TASS reports. The President of the Russian Federation arrived to Vladivostok on Thursday, April 25, Kim Jong-un came to the city the day before. Putin and Kim Jong-un have met on Russky Island, where the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University is located. Classes for students were canceled as Kim Jong Un settled there for safety reasons.

The subject of discussion was the issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the development of cooperation between the regions. The heads of state also raised the topic of promoting relations between Russia and North Korea in different fields.

According to Putin, it was agreed to hold this meeting long time ago. The president has no doubt that Kim Jong-un’s visit will have a positive impact on resolving the situation on the Korean peninsula. Putin noted that Moscow welcomed the efforts of Pyongyang to normalize relations with South Korea and the United States.

Kim Jong-un expressed the hope that the meeting with Putin would help to strengthen bilateral ties.

The North Korean leader’s visit took place at the invitation of the Russian president. Prior to this, the bilateral meeting took place in 2011 in Ulan-Ude between the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev and Kim Jong Il, father of Kim Jong-un.

Russkiy Mir reported earlier that Putin was going to visit Beijing after the meeting where he would take part in the second forum of the Chinese initiative Belt and Road. Kim Jong-un will remain in Vladivostok for extensive cultural program. It is planned that he will explore the sights and places his father visited before. Kim Jong-il’s visit to Russia took place in 2002.

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