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Irina Rodnina opened the Youth Games of the ATP

Irina Rodnina took part in the opening of the Youth Games of the APR countries in Vladivostok. The deputy of the State Duma all Tuesday works in Primorye. The legendary figure skater held a meeting with the heads of Primorye and Vladivostok, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the province and representatives of sports federations. The main theme of the dialogue with the representatives of the two branches of power is the formation in Primorye of conditions for the literate and harmonious development of schoolchildren, Primorskaya Gazeta reports.

The working trip turned out to be extremely busy: for one day the State Duma deputy discussed the prospects for the development of school sports from the main region, inspected the empty buildings of the FEFU together with the head of Vladivostok and discussed the importance of developing school sport with representatives of the profile federations of the region.

The tone of the meeting with the athletes Irina Rodnina asked at once – vigorously and on the case. The deputy of the State Duma and the coordinator of the party project “Children’s Sport” gave priority at once: the task of all those involved in the project is not to raise athletes, but to create conditions for the development of a competent personality.

The legendary figure skater explained in detail about the implementation of the project of the party “United Russia” “The courtyard coach”. It started in 2009 and initially it was attended by only 19 regions. Now it’s already 50. Project managers on the ground themselves determine the kinds of sports that will be developed within the project. But unites all regions the same: the project helps not only harmonious development of the child, but also promotes employment in the summer. The thing is that in Russia a strange situation develops, when from the second half of July the children are left to their own devices – the school camps have finished their work, and the schools of additional education have gone on vacation. The “Street Coach” helps to eliminate this imbalance.

The next project, which is of fundamental importance, is “School Sport”. In its framework, there is a modernization of gyms in schools, the creation of specialized leagues in which schoolchildren are actively developing their sports skills. In Russia, the most advanced regions in this project are the Leningrad and Ulyanovsk regions. Here the governors went on to single out one sports complex just for the development of school sports, Irina Rodnina said.

– Students know that one day they can come here and train, there are competitions, meetings, – said the representative of the State Duma.

The main goal of the “School Sports” project is the reorganization of school gyms. In particular, the floor covering must be replaced. And here, the deputy noted, there should be no compromises.

– When we are told that in the gym replaced the floor covering on the boards – it’s wrong. Yes, of course, I understand when the repairs were not for years, and now put fresh boards, this event. But now there are new technologies that meet all the security requirements. And we, the coordinators of the “School Sports”, should ensure that all standards prescribed in the draft regulations are strictly observed, “Irina Rodnina noted.

Heads of the profile federations of the region discussed with Irina Rodnina the prospects for the development of sports in the province. Photo: Gleb Ilyinsky

In Primorye, 7 gyms in rural schools were repaired in the framework of the project. The most active work is in the Khorol district, Dalnerechensk, Dalnegorsk, Dalnerechensky district. Financing conditions are more than feasible – most of the funds are allocated by the federal budget, said the head of the project “Children’s Sport” Victor Ablapov.

– The most active was the Khorol district. For all the years of the project in Primorye they managed to put in order 7 gyms in schools, – said Victor Ablapov.

Irina Rodnina stressed that the internal filling of all projects depends on the region – you can choose the types of sports and the main accents in the implementation. The main thing is for children to get involved in the movement and form the basis for harmonious development.

At the meeting, the head of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeneko voiced Irina Rodnina the option of using one of the empty cases of the FEFU for the sports of the children of the regional center. The deputy of the State Duma noted the expediency of the proposal. But the complexity of implementing the idea is that all the buildings of the university are in federal ownership, namely the Ministry of Education.

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