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125 years since birth of Pyotr Kapitsa

The anniversary of Pyotr Kapitsa is celebrated on Monday, July 8, Sputnik news agency reports This year marks 125 years since the birth of the great Russian scientist. Pyotr Kapitsa was a famous physicist who refused to participate in the creation of the atomic bomb. His merits are recognized worldwide. He is the Nobel Prize winner and the founder of the famous Institute of Physical Problems.

Pyotr Kapitsa is known for his work in the field of low-temperature physics, the study of super-strong magnetic fields and the confinement of high-temperature plasma. He developed a high-performance industrial air liquefaction plant based on a turbo-expander.

The fields of interest of Pyotr Kapitsa were all sections of physics, from mechanics to high-power electronics. He was a theorist and experimenter, author of capital scientific discoveries and technical inventions. Kapitsa’s edition of Do You Understand Physics? is in demand among students today.

Kapitsa worked in England in the 20s of the last century. There he went on the program to restore ties with European science. He spent almost 15 years in the West. He collaborated with the outstanding physicist Ernest Rutherford and organized his own laboratory. Then he returned to his homeland, where he founded his famous institute.

Peter Kapitsa died in 1984 after a stroke. He was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow.

According to the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Georgy Malinetskii, Kapitsa’s activities largely outpaced the physics of his time. The brilliant scientist wrote very important chapters into science. The role of what Peter Kapitsa did for the defense of the country is enormous.

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