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Abbas says he is determined to unite Palestinian lands

The president of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, is determined to unite Palestinian lands and put an end to inter-factional discord.

“We are determined to unite our lands and people and to put an end to discord. With this in mind we continue to support the dialogue among Fatah, Hamas and other Palestinian factions for the sake of reconciliation. We would like to emphasize Egypt’s tremendous role in patronizing this dossier (assisting the dialogue – TASS),” he said.

“We appreciate Russia’s efforts to arrange for rounds of talks for the Palestinian factions and its wish to enhance the role of the Palestine Liberation Organization,” Abbas said. He stressed that the factions concerned sought the creation of a government of national unity, with all of its partakers adhering to international law.

About the presidential elections and elections to Palestine’s legislative bodies, Abbas said that the authorities called for holding them, but Israel prevented their organization in Jerusalem.

“This forced us to postpone the process until we have an opportunity to hold the elections the way we did in previous years, in accordance with the signed agreements,” he explained.

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