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Effective Ways Of Preserving Peace Discussed At The 12th European Russian Forum

12th European Russian forum has launched at the EU Parliament on November, 26, TASS reports. The forum is initiated by the Co-chairman of the Latvian Russian Union (LRU) Miroslav Mitrofanov and the leader of Russian Union of Latvia Tatiana Zhdanok. Political experts, social activists, guests from EU countries, Russia and the US have gathered at the forum.

The topic of the meeting is The Escalation of Relations between Russia and the West: European Future in case of a Military Conflict, IA Sputnik reports. Latvian delegation count 70 people. The First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs and Contacts with Fellow Countryman Konstantin Zatulin, Permanent Representative Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, Russian journalists Eugeny Primakov and Galina Sapozhnikova, and their Italian colleague Giulietto Chiesa are among numerous participants.

According to Miroslav Mitrofanov, the reload of the global anti-war movement is very actual now. This step is needed due to several factors, such as deterioration of relations between US, Europe and Russia, Minsk agreement implementation problems, growing tension between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance.

Ukraine has contributed in deterioration of the situation. Following Latvia example, this country has adopted the policy of eliminating Russian culture, underlined ex-Europarliament deputy Tatiana Zhdanok. EU deputy from Czech Republic Jiří Maštálka has supported her, saying that lately EU is largely influenced by the US.

The forum aims to attract attention of the European authorities and social organizations to the current complicated situation in search for a remedy. Participants have pointed out factors raising risk of a military conflict. Ukraine’s provocation in Kerch Strait, increased frequency of military exercises next to Russian and NATO borders, possible breach of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty contract – all these factors create the risk of a new arms race.

The Head of Russian MFA Sergey Lavrov have expressed hope that current situation would not lead to fatal consequences. “Taking to account divergence of positions we have a shared responsibility for well-being future of our continent,” said Lavrov.

State Duma deputy Konstantin Zatulin have assured colleagues that Kiev’s provocations contradicting world navigation regulations, would be thwarted with full force by Russia. Note, on November 25 three Ukrainian ships have violated the Russia’s state border. The weapons were used to stop them. All three vessels were detained, three Ukrainian soldiers were slightly injured. Russia initiated a criminal case on the state border violation. Petro Poroshenko supported the proposal of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine to impose martial law in the country for 30 days.

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