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Elementary Schools In Syria Start Teaching Russian

The first graders of Syrian schools will study Russian language, New Sevastopol newspaper quoted Dmitry Belik, the State Duma lawmaker from Sevastopol, a member of the group on relations with the Syrian parliament. He added that this measure is a serious step to strengthen cooperation between Russia and Syria.

Earlier, students of Syrian schools studied Russian as a second foreign language from the 7th to the 11th grade.

In October, Crimea and Syria exchanged delegations that discussed issues of cooperation in various fields. Last week, representatives of the Russian region visited Damascus where they held talks on economic, scientific and technical cooperation. During the return visit, the sides discussed the development of tourism and flights between Simferopol and Damascus.

Russian language in Syria is one of the most popular. Russkiy Mir reported that a new campus for department of the Russian language was built at the University of Damascus in September 2018 for the thousands of Syrians who chose to study it. The students of this university have the opportunity to attend the Russian Center opened by the Russkiy Mir Foundation in October 2017.

Russia provides regular assistance to Syrian schools affected by prolonged hostilities. Our militarists supply textbooks, teaching books and building materials for school restoration. Students of Russian schools do not stand aside from the problems of their Syrian peers. In October, the Russkiy Mir told about 850 backpacks with stationery sent to Syrian schools. A auction to collect humanitarian aid was held in Moscow and the Moscow region schools.

The Russkiy Mir Foundation actively supports Syrian students learning Russian. For two years in row the foundation supports the winners of the school Olympiad in the Russian language sending them to the Artek international children’s center in Crimea.

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