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Latvia commemorated Soviet soldiers who liberated republic from fascists

The veterans of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps, representatives of public organizations, historians, political scientists and residents of the Latvian town of Dobele commemorated the memory of Soviet soldiers and officers who died in the battles for the liberation of Latvia from the Nazis. The event was held by Russian World of Latvia organisation and the Baltic Geographical Society, Sputnik reports.

The events of December 1944, when fierce battles were fought between Latvian members of the SS and Latvians of the Red Army in Dobele, are widely known in Latvia and are considered a national tragedy. The local authorities supported the initiative of the Russian Embassy in Latvia to install the monument to the fallen soldiers several years ago despite disagreements over the interpretation of many historical events. The sides restored the mass grave of more than eight thousand Soviet soldiers as well as the burials of 15 Latvian commanders, awarded the titles of Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Latvians consider the events of December 1944 a historical lesson. Political analyst Einars Graudins, who spoke at the ceremony, said that the liberation of the republic by the Red Army soldiers during the Great Patriotic War allowed Latvia and the Latvian people to be saved. He added that he would not like the events that force the Latvians to fight one another to repeat in the future.

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