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Merkel confirms plans to leave politics after 2021

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed that she does not plan to hold any political posts after completing her term as chancellor in 2021, she said on Thursday during a joint press conference with Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

“I do not plan to hold political posts anywhere,” Merkel said, adding that she sticks to the plan announced at the end of last year.

In late 2018, Merkel has renounced her duties as leader of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, but retained her position as chancellor. She informed that she plans to complete her fourth term until 2021, and then leave politics.

In the wake of her interview with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily, several media outlets assumed that Merkel might resume her political career in the EU structures. The chancellor stated in the interview that she feels a growing sense of responsibility for the fate of Europe.

However, Merkel disproved those claims during the press conference. “It is only natural that I worry about the fate of Europe as chancellor of Germany,” she said.

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