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Putin: Russia will not leave residents of Donbass isolated

It is very strange that the decree on the simplification of obtaining Russian citizenship has caused some kind of negative reaction, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes. He said this during a press conference after the negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Kremlin website reports. Note, on 24 April, Russia’s President signed a decree introducing a simplified procedure for granting citizenship to the residents of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Russian law does not prohibit the holding of another country’s citizenship.

The President recalled that for many years Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest had issued passports to Poles, Hungarians, Romanians living in Ukraine. And for some reason it did not cause discontent. The Russian leader wondered what the difference was between Russians and other nationalities. Why Russia cannot do the same, given that the people in the Donbass are in a terrible situation? They are deprived of basic rights, it is difficult for them to get an education, to go abroad, and even to visit Ukraine.

Putin assured that the issue of citizenship was of a solely humanitarian nature.

He recalled that the authorities in Kiev, the new ones as well as is leaving ones, are not going to fulfil the Minsk agreements, sign the law on amnesty and don’t plan to recognize the special status of Donbass. What is left to do for the people who live there? They were abandoned in complete isolation. Moscow was not to blame for this, and the Russians were not going to silently observe this, the Russian leader stressed.

He also assured that Russia would do everything possible to normalize the situation in the South-East of Ukraine if Kiev managed to implement the Minsk agreements.

According to Putin, it is not yet known how the relations between Russia and Ukraine will develop under the new president. It all depends on what course the new leadership will take. Moscow is ready to restore relations in full but cannot do this unilaterally.

The Russian leader called the results of the Ukrainian elections a complete failure of Poroshenko’s policy. And the new authorities are well aware of this. But building a policy that meets the interests of the people was a different matter, the President summed up.

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