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American historian refused the award by Ukranian Lviv because of Stepan Bandera

American historian from the Columbia University Tariq Siril Amar, who studies the history of Lviv in the second half of the 20th century, returned his award by the city administration because Lviv had honored the leader of the extremist Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists* (OUN) Stepan Bandera.


I have to get a little personal here: I have a distinction by the city of Lviv in Ukraine, awarded after my stay there as head of the Center for Urban History. I want it to be known that I will return it. I don’t keep honors from a city honoring Stepan Bandera, a fascist.

Earlier, Amar called the Nazi salutation “Glory to Ukraine!” legalized in the country as a delusion and stilted nonsense. According to him, this slogan is equivalent to the banned in Germany “Sieg Heil”, because it was used during the Second World War by the Nazis.

In particular, the historian was one of a group of scientists who signed an open letter addressed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. In their letter, the scientists condemned the anti-communist law of Ukraine, which, in their opinion, is contrary to the right to free speech, and Poroshenko’s decision to grant OUN-UPA* (the Ukrainian insurgent army. – Ed.) the status of “fighters for independence” of Ukraine.

In addition, this year the Parliament of Ukraine adopted a decree according to which January 1 (Bandera’s birthday) will be an official holiday in the country.

Leonid Slutskiy, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs of the Russian Federation, said that soon Ukraine will celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Earlier, the head of the Jewish Committee of Ukraine, Eduard Dolinsky said, that by supporting Bandera veterans Ukraine accepts responsibility for their crimes that do not have a statute of limitations, and opens the way for international lawsuits against Ukraine for the victims of these crimes and their heirs.

* The organization banned in the Russian Federation

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