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Russia and China vetoed US resolution on Venezuela at UN Security Council

Moscow and Beijing voted against the UN Security Council resolution on Venezuela, RIA Novosti reports. Thus, the US project was vetoed. Washington offered to hold new elections for the President of Venezuela under international supervision.

It should be recalled that Moscow offered to defend the independence and sovereignty of Venezuela in its draft resolution on the situation in the country. According to the representative of Russian Permanent Mission to the UN Vasily Nebenzia, Russian draft document has been circulated as opposed to the American one. The diplomat stressed that if the UN Security Council approved the document proposed by Washington, this would be the first case of removing the legitimate president in history. Later, the UN Security Council rejected Russian resolution.

Russian Permanent Representative called the American resolution a culmination of double standards. He recalled that most countries do not want a forceful solution to the issue. The decision must be taken by the people of Venezuela on the basis of dialogue.

The national dialogue is the first and foremost thing the country needs. Nevertheless, the United States continues its policy aimed at aggravating the conflict, seeking to achieve the realization of its own scenario of unconstitutional change of power.

The United States proposes to recognize the Parliament as “constitutional authority”. Presidential election, which took place a year ago, is recognized “not free and dishonest”. “The USA prepared their resolution exactly for this reason. Hypocritical concern for the humanitarian situation in the country is just a cover,” Nebenzya concluded. As a result, during the Security Council meeting, not one of the projects was adopted; neither the project of the United States nor Russia’s one.

As Russkiy Mir reported, the US authorities are trying to change the government of Venezuela, not disdaining threats of the use of force, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said. According to him, this is what remains the only task for Washington, despite all the statements that the United States allegedly cares about the Venezuelan people.

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