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Russian ambassador in Austria spoke about growing interest in learning Russian

The popularity of studying the Russian language in Austria is growing, the Russian ambassador Dmitry Lyubinsky is sure. He said this in a message to the participants of the Vienna forum of Russian language specialists from EU, TASS reported. Today, more than seven and a half thousand schoolchildren study the Russian language in Austria, and the number of students studying the Russian language has almost reached four thousand.

The senior diplomat is sure that in modern conditions it is especially required to preserve and popularize the Russian language. According to him, in some countries the desire to reduce the space of the Russian language based on aggressive Russophobia has turned into state policy. This often happens in European countries, the ambassador said.

It is very pleasing that the interest in Austria in the Russian language does not wane. Since 2015, Austrian students can take a state exam in the Russian language. Last year, more than eighty people successfully passed it.

Dmitry Lyubinsky also recalled that relations between the two countries were characterized by sustainable development in the fields of economy and culture, science and education.

In Austria, language competitions are held every year, last year the first All-Austrian Russian language Olympiad for bilingual children was held. Russian is widely represented in higher education institutions. The ambassador assured that joint efforts to advance the study of the Russian language would continue to be made with a view to tangible returns.

Language courses are actively working at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Vienna branch of the UN, the Austrian Chamber of Economics and private language schools. More than 25 weekend Russian language schools are successfully operating at associations of compatriots.

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