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Security in Europe only possible with Russia, Bundestag considers

The world has come close to the start of nuclear arms race, German parliamentarian Jurgen Trittin is sure. However, today there is still a chance to avoid such a course of events, he thinks. This requires restoring relations with Moscow. Bundestag deputy explained that Europe is reacting to the threat incorrectly and is trying to shift responsibility onto Russia. His words are reported by Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper, RIA Novosti informs.

It will not help to poke a finger in Russia, as well as to increase the military budget, Trittin says. This is only an additional incentive for an arms race.

Trittin recalled that Washington destroys the system of settlement agreements by its actions. The United States withdrew from Paris Сlimate Agreement, abandoned the agreement with UNESCO, and violated Iranian nuclear deal. The US withdrawal from INF Treaty exposes the world to even greater danger.

German deputy has no doubt that actions of the current US administration are a threat to the security of Europe.

The time has come when Europe must find its own way out of this situation, and it is improving relations with Russia. In addition, Europe needs to abandon the deployment of the US missile defense system, and NATO needs to remove tactical nuclear weapons from Europe in case Moscow also takes steps towards disarmament.

“Security in Europe is possible only with Russia,” Trittin emphasized.

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