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Aleksey Chepa: the nearest threat to the European Union is the fall of governments

Because of the old EU policy, there are more and more problems every day. Everyone understands this, including Prague. This was stated by State Duma Deputy, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs Aleksey Chepa, commenting on the statement of Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky to Pravda.Ru.

Earlier, the Czech minister called on the EU countries to reconsider the basis of relations with Russia, taking into account “new threats.” He made the corresponding statement before the start of the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels.

“I think it’s time to reconsider our policy and measures towards Russia,” Lipavsky stressed.

He noted that it is necessary to “think about what the new EU policy towards Russia should be.”

Aleksey Chepa believes that the EU policy definitely needs to be changed. However, if the representatives of the European Union want to further aggravate the current situation, then they do not understand the causes of today’s problems, the source of Pravda.Ru believes.

“Today’s policy towards Russia does not suit either Russia or the European Union,” he said.

Chepa believes that European countries are planning to solve problems with the help of pressure. It is possible that the EU intends to increase contributions to NATO, but this will be another blow for taxpayers, the MP said.

“With the advent of autumn, the situation will worsen even more, and people will not like it even more. I think that the “premierfall” or “government fall”, by analogy with a rockfall, threatens Europe, the European Union in the fall. The fall of the governments of many states is an obvious immediate threat to the European Union and the unity of the European Union,” Chepa said.

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