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Alexey Chepa responded to accusations of Ukrainian genocide

The words about the Russian genocide against Ukrainians are another attempt by the United States to present Russia as an aggressor, said Alexei Chepa, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs.

“Over the past decades, nothing has changed in US foreign policy, the Russophobic line is being fully maintained, and constantly progressing. The task of presenting Russia as an aggressor has never left the agenda of the US presidents,” the Izvestia deputy is quoted as saying.

Chepa recalled the policies that the United States pursued in Syria and Afghanistan. As well as statements about Russia by Trump and the current US President Joe Biden, when he was still in the State Department.

So the Russian deputy commented on the words of Donald Trump about Russia’s actions in Ukraine. “What is happening in Ukraine is genocide,” the former president said in an interview with Fox News.

Recall that Joe Biden also made a similar statement, and US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland announced that the States were collecting evidence of the genocide of Ukrainians by Russia.

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