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Alexey Chepa: Russia has begun to become a pole of attraction for countries

Since the beginning of the 2000s, our country has been pursuing an “independent policy” and “proclaiming itself more and more loudly.”

This opinion was expressed by Alexei Chepa, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, on the air of the Govorit Moskva radio station.

“The world was bipolar before the collapse of the Soviet Union, before the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. After that, the world became truly unipolar, and the United States dictated its terms to the whole world. At the same time, China began to develop intensively, Europe began to develop. Russia lagged far behind. And the world began to become, as it were, tripolar. At the same time, the Americans believed that they dominated the whole world. The three poles are Europe with the euro, China with the yuan, and the US with the dollar.”

According to the parliamentarian, the American currency prevailed, and Washington was not satisfied with the strengthening of other countries.

“Since the 2000s, when Russia declared itself and every year began to declare louder and louder, and we know how much our GDP increased during this time, how much our economy grew, how much we began to pursue our independent policy in in general. We know how many countries began to support us, Russia began to become a certain pole of attraction for countries located in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It became the fourth pole, of course.”

The United States intends to return to a unipolar world, so they interfere in domestic politics in countries that do not agree with this, Chepa is sure. Washington provoked armed conflicts in Iraq, Libya, and now in Ukraine, the deputy said.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov named the ultimate goal of US sanctions. The US is seeking a return to a unipolar world, the diplomat stressed.

Lavrov suggested that China could be the next country after Russia that the West wants to push into the background. According to him, what is happening now in the world is not only and not so much about Ukraine, it is an attempt to form a new world order.

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