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Alexey Chepa: we are ready to stop all trade relations with Lithuania

Alexei Chepa, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Deputy Head of the A JUST RUSSIA FOR TRUTH faction, stressed that due to the Lithuanian Parliament’s statement on recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state,” the Russian Federation would be ready to break off all trade relations with it.

“We are ready to terminate all relations with Lithuania. We can freeze all deliveries through Lithuanian ports, we can close the supply of fertilizers and all kinds of products that the country bought from us. And we are completely closing all agriculture with them, we will not take any products from them,” the deputy said.

He expressed confidence that Lithuania’s decision would not affect Russia’s course in any way.

“All these actions of a number of satellite countries in Europe, which are trying to play along with the United States of America, these statements do not affect anything. For a long period of time, these countries have pursued a Russophobic policy in any way that fomented unfriendly relations between countries, in every possible way fueled the conflict in Europe. Today’s events were a forced measure on the policy that these countries have been pursuing over the past 20-25 years,” Aleksey Chepa stressed.

The parliamentarian added that the Baltic countries tend to “repeat one after another”, so other states may follow the example of Lithuania.

In their resolution, the deputies of the Lithuanian Seimas called Russia a state “supporting and carrying out terrorism.”

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