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A number of NATO countries adopted a declaration on strengthening the eastern flank

The countries of the “Bucharest nine” adopted a joint declaration for the July NATO summit in Brussels on strengthening the Alliance’s presence on the eastern flank.

In the Polish capital on Friday, the summit of the “Bucharest Nine” – the countries of the eastern flank of NATO.

“We just adopted a joint declaration for the NATO summit in Brussels,” said Polish President Andrzej Duda at a press conference. “I hope that today’s declaration and our similar position will help make decisions at a future summit in Brussels,” he added.

In turn, the president of Romania Klaus Johannis explained that the declaration says that “we must strengthen the eastern flank of NATO – strengthening the presence of NATO on the eastern flank – in the sea, land, air and in cyber space.” “There are no other options, like strengthening NATO’s presence to counter threats,” he said.

Also, the President of Romania said that the participants in the Warsaw meeting “stressed that we will support the current approach of NATO towards Russia.”

Russia in recent years has said about the unprecedented activity of NATO from its western borders. Moscow has repeatedly expressed concern about the build-up of the alliance forces in Europe. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, said earlier that Russia posed no threat to anyone, but would not disregard actions potentially dangerous for its interests. Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking earlier of accusations against aggressive behavior in Russia, noted that all this is a “conversation in favor of the poor.” Putin stressed that the activity of NATO’s military aviation in the Baltic Sea is much higher than in Russia.

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