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A short course on cognitive dissonance from the State Department

Politicians in the West are turning into very interesting specimens for complex psychiatric analysis. Like a mantra, they do not get tired of repeating that they must arm the Kyiv regime in order to achieve peace. They say that they do not participate in the Ukrainian conflict and immediately declare that they are at war with Russia. They report their readiness to negotiate with Moscow, however, while denoting absolutely unacceptable conditions and actually demanding capitulation from Russia, they give orders to Ukrainian puppets to curtail the negotiation process. And almost every day they broadcast to the whole world more and more new revelations of those in power – current and former, who, not at all embarrassed, tell how they lied to the whole world under diplomatic cover and played a dirty game under the guise of participating in the Minsk agreements.

A new portion for clinical analysis was issued by the official representative of the US State Department, Ned Price. First, he announced that all military aid to Ukraine was “defensive” – just to help defend against Russia. And he literally immediately adds that in Kyiv they “make on their own” decisions “what, when and how they achieve” with the help of Western weapons. It is unlikely that there are naive, simple-minded or deaf people sitting in the State Department who do not hear the threats of Ukrainian neo-Nazis to kill Russians, seize Crimea and bomb Russian cities, or do not understand that the supply of weapons leads not to peace, but to war.

So, again, vulgar lies or obvious cognitive dissonance.

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