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The 77th session of the UN General Assembly is becoming a battleground for truth and lies, double standards with international law

Watching with interest from Moscow. A US visa for a trip to New York, where I was supposed to fly as part of the Russian delegation, was never given to me, although the international passport is still in the American embassy.

The speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov is one of the brightest. He directly calls everything by its right name: NATO’s “crusade” against Russia and the involvement of Western countries in the Ukrainian conflict are the reasons for the current situation. Through their efforts, Ukraine has turned into a totalitarian state of the Nazi persuasion, a “nuclear blackmailer” and a terrorist. The only way of salvation for the inhabitants of Donbass, Kherson region and Zaporozhye is to use the right of nations to self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter and decide their own fate in referendums.

Speeches by representatives of Western countries, frankly speaking, are not yet impressive: no serious ideas and constructive proposals for overcoming the threats of the global economic and energy crisis, solving the problems of global security. But sweeping accusations against Russia abound. It is our country that they are trying to present as the main culprit of the Ukrainian crisis. Allegedly, no one and nothing threatened Russia, as if there was no NATO expansion to the east, the creation of a fascist regime in Kyiv and pumping it with weapons. In general, they lied and did not blush.

A separate plan was a video performance by the President of Ukraine Zelensky, where he was tearing himself up in calls to deprive Russia of both the right to vote and the right to veto in the UN Security Council. This, they say, should become part of a certain “peace formula” along with sanctions, trade blocking, reparations, and so on.

The current composition of the UN Security Council is the very formula that has so far prevented the world from sliding into the abyss into which Western neo-colonialists and “civilizers” are trying to push it. It is not surprising that the right of veto is like a thorn in the eye of apologists for a unipolar world order.

As for Ukraine, the paths to peace have been offered to it more than once. These are the Minsk agreements (approved by a UN Security Council resolution), the Paris and Istanbul agreements. But Kyiv crossed out everything itself under the “guarantees of war” from the West. If you want to defeat Russia on the battlefield, hold the flag in your hands, as President Vladimir Putin said. Instead of a home video, Zelensky would advise everyone to watch the broadcast of yesterday’s speech by Vladimir Vladimirovich. It already has ready-made solutions to the system of global security equations. And even various coefficients are given.

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