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The assault troops of our army deserve special honor

Yesterday our guys raised the Russian flag in Avdeevka, liberating the city from the Ukronazis. We will definitely initiate awards for distinguished fighters.

Among them there will be many stormtroopers with special courage, who will be the first to engage in battle with the enemy.

Recently I visited a wounded soldier and fellow party member Konstantin Golovin in the hospital, who proposed erecting a monument to the stormtroopers as a tribute to their feat. We support the idea and are discussing options with the sculptors.

I think that the place to install the monument should be chosen by everyone together. Take into account the opinion of the fighters of the assault troops, their loved ones, and every patriot of the country. I ask war correspondents to express their opinions. The guys are protecting our country, our future. Their feat is worthy of military honor.

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