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Anton Morozov named a way to improve Russian-American relations

Despite the fact that relations between Moscow and Washington are at their lowest point in history, there is hope for their improvement, State Duma deputy and member of the international affairs committee Anton Morozov told FAN.

Deputy Anton Morozov believes that US sanctions against Russia are not so much practical as symbolic. They symbolize the rather low nature of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States.
“Traditional government diplomacy has exhausted its set of mechanisms in order to somehow move our relationship from this very low point. We did not reach such a low point even during the Soviet period, ”the parliamentarian noted.

According to Morozov, in the current situation, it is necessary to develop other mechanisms of interaction, including inter-parliamentary and inter-party dialogue, exchange of delegations, public diplomacy and other formats.

“Most importantly, the Americans and I need to join forces in the fight against new global challenges that require a collective response. Neither side, obviously, can cope with the pandemic, it is necessary to continue to work to contain the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The solution of many issues on our agenda has slowed down due to the fact that the Americans have a biased approach to the Russian Federation, ”he stressed.

The deputy did not rule out that the points of contact of interests of Russia and the United States could improve relations. But for this, the Americans need to offer some specific mechanisms of interaction at the interstate level, not only in the intergovernmental format, but also in wider formats, he concluded.

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