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Committee Activity

Parliamentary diplomacy today is one of the most important channels for international cooperation and integration for any democratic state, an effective tool for establishing working and trusting relations with foreign colleagues. Therefore, the relevant committees on foreign affairs hold key positions in virtually all parliaments around the world.

The Russian State Duma in this sense is no exception. The activities of the Committee on International Affairs cover a very important list of issues related to the formation and implementation of Russia’s foreign policy, international contacts of the State Duma, work in interparliamentary structures, and relations with parliaments of other states.

One of the most important areas is the preparation for ratification of the international treaties of the Russian Federation. Each of the interstate or intergovernmental agreements subject to ratification in accordance with Russian law, preliminarily undergoes a comprehensive legal and linguistic analysis in the staff of the Committee and the Legal Department of the State Duma. The prepared conclusions are discussed at the meetings of the Committee with the participation of representatives of different Duma factions from the political point of view, that is, in the context of conformity to the national interests of the Russian Federation, after which the document is submitted to the plenary session of the State Duma.

Within the competence provided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the representative function of the Parliament is actively involved in the work of the Committee for International Affairs. Deputies – members of the Committee prepare drafts of statements and appeals of the State Duma on the most pressing issues of international politics, form their own assessments on behalf of the Committee on International Affairs, organize parliamentary hearings and round tables on matters within the competence of the Committee. Meetings with delegations of foreign parliaments and other state and non-state structures are our daily routine.

Like most Duma structures, the Foreign Affairs Committee takes an active part in working on the country’s next budget, making its recommendations on the relevant positions of the main financial document of the country, primarily related to the section on “State issues” (subsection “International relations and international cooperation”). .

In accordance with Article 23 m) of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the President of Russia appoints and recalls diplomatic representatives (ambassadors) of the Russian Federation after consulting with the relevant committees or commissions of the chambers of the Federal Assembly. In the State Duma, this constitutional mission is entrusted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, which considers at its meetings the candidatures of the Russian ambassadors proposed by the President of the country and makes its recommendations with regard to their appointment to the proposed posts.

The listed areas of activity of the Committee for International Affairs, like many others, for obvious reasons, remaining outside the framework of this greeting, constitute the foundation for what is called parliamentary diplomacy.

On behalf of the State Duma deputies who are members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the staff of the Committee’s staff, I would like to express the hope that you will be able to get answers to all your questions here, and perhaps make your constructive contribution to our work.

We are always open for dialogue and discussion!

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