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Deputy Anton Morozov revealed the real reason for anti-Russian sentiment in Poland

The State Duma commented on the statement of Witold Modzelewski, a member of the National Development Council under the President of Poland, about why Russophobic sentiments prevail among some Polish politicians. Member of the International Affairs Committee Anton Morozov called this practice an echo of the struggle for the European market.

“There are indeed anti-Russian sentiments in Eastern Europe that are being imposed on both the US and the EU. These are all echoes of competition for the European market, including the energy market. American companies would like to work there themselves, so they are trying to push aside Russia and form such a shaking image of our country, “Morozov explained in an interview with Politika Segodnya.

At the same time, Moscow is clearly fulfilling its obligations under the contracts, and the Europeans are “happy” to cooperate with Russian companies, the State Duma deputy added.

In addition, MP Morozov expressed hope that at the upcoming meeting in Geneva, the presidents of the United States and Russia, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, will be able to build a constructive dialogue that will reduce tensions towards Moscow in Eastern Europe.

“There is hope that at the meeting of the presidents it will be possible to at least reduce the degree of tension between our countries. In fact, the Eastern European states benefit from constructive cooperation with Russia. Therefore, of course, if America looses its grip, this cooperation will develop in a positive way, ”summed up Anton Morozov.

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