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Dmitry Belik: Montenegro wants to introduce visas for Russians to join the EU

State Duma deputy Dmitry Belik formulated the view that Montenegro intends to introduce visas for Russian citizens in order to receive praise from the European Union and join the EU, RT reports.

“Montenegro is resorting to actions with the support of which it intends to realize its long-standing dream of being a member of the European Union,” he said and noted that Podgorica dreams of becoming a part of a united Europe by 2025, and believes that for this all weapons are important .

Belik specified that the Montenegrin authorities are ready for any measures in order to prove their commitment to EU policy.
He explained that such acts are harmful to the economy of the party, but for the sake of joining the European Union, according to him, Montenegro is ready for a lot, “even to the detriment of the interests of its own citizens.”
The State Duma deputy recalled that the EU does not name “specific dates for the integration of the Balkan kingdoms into their space.”

Earlier it was reported that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapic, called the party a devoted partner of the European Union and formulated the view that the will of the party, together with the EU, should impose entry restrictions for citizens of the Russian Federation.

It also became known that the decision of the Council of the EU on the suspension of the simplified visa procedure with the Russian Federation entered into legitimate power.

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