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Dmitry Belik: Poland needs “sane” politicians

Poland is ready to give up energy resources to the detriment of its people only because of Russophobia, said Dmitry Belik, member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, member of the United Russia faction, commenting on a poll published by Myśl Polska, which showed that Poland has become the most Russophobic country in the world.

The parliamentarian noted that the Russians would not be very worried about this and no actions of the Russian Federation would change the opinion of the Poles about our country.

The first deputy head of the SRZP faction explained the ban on teaching Ukrainian children who do not know the Polish language by the boomerang law.

The attitude, as it was Russophobic, will remain so until normal and sane politicians come there who will take care of the interests of their state. Poland is ready to give up energy resources to the detriment of its people only because of Russophobia. This is not normal, the deputy said in an interview with Duma TV.

Earlier, Myśl Polska, citing the results of an international survey conducted in 52 countries in Asia, North and Latin America, and Europe, reported that Poland was recognized as the most Russophobic country.

Thus, 87% of respondents expressed a negative attitude towards Russia there, while in Ukraine 80% of respondents expressed this attitude towards the Russian Federation. Among the countries of Western Europe, the strongest Russophobia was found among the Portuguese (79% of respondents spoke about a negative attitude towards Russia) and the Swedes (77%). In Germany, 62% reported their anti-Russian sentiments, as in the United States.

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