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Dmitry Belik: “Western puppeteers need neither Ukraine nor its people”

A member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs commented on the alleged division of Ukraine.

Earlier, the American journalist of the publication National Review Noah Rothman expressed the opinion that the military conflict in Ukraine is likely to end with the division of the country. According to him, supporters of both sides are beginning to lose patience, which will inevitably lead to intensification and acceleration of hostilities.

Member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Dmitry Belik also believes that Ukraine is a weapon in the hands of more powerful countries, and the result of the conflict will not be in its favor.

– The bright future that the West paints for Ukraine is nothing more than the promises of the masters to their subordinates. As a result, the policy of the West risks leading Ukraine, already doomed to defeat, to the loss of its statehood and sovereignty. Neither Ukraine nor its people are needed by Western puppeteers. The Kiev regime did everything to make this country a means, not a sovereign state.

Besides, as soon as there is no point in dragging out hostilities further, no one will stand on ceremony with Ukraine. The country will simply be taken apart, the expert continues. Dmitry Belik also stressed that one of the most possible prospects is the satisfaction of Poland’s imperial ambitions in relation to Western Ukrainian lands.

As a result of the SVO, it is necessary to eliminate the foundations of neo-Nazism in the country in order to minimize the possibility of a repetition of the situation.

– At the same time, one must understand that if the very foundations of neo-Nazism in this country are not destroyed, then this criminal ideology will revive again after some time. And even if Ukraine is divided, but these parts, as now, will obey the West and be used by it as a Russophobic battering ram, this will inevitably lead to new conflicts.

Russia will be able to complete hostilities when all goals are achieved and nothing threatens security, the expert concluded.

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