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Maria Butina announced preparations for changing the power bloc in the United States after Biden’s departure

The scandals inspired by the Democratic Party with falsification of data on the collusion of ex-US President Donald Trump with Russia can lead not only to a change in the owner of the Oval Office, but also to the leaders of the American power bloc.

This was announced on Monday, November 8, by the deputy of the State Duma Maria Butina.

Several years ago, the so-called “Steele report” was made public in the United States, one of the main documents thanks to which Donald Trump is considered closely associated with the Russian Federation. It was written by former British spy Christopher Steele, hired to investigate through a law firm on behalf of Trump’s political opponents, including his 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. One of Steele’s informants was Russian analyst Igor Danchenko, who is suspected in America of perjury to the FBI in Trump’s “dossier case.”

She linked these stories and saw a pretext under which the castling of the security forces in the United States could be carried out.

“There is an internal struggle going on there. Do you think they are there for the truth? Do they really want everything to be published? I beg of you! Darim’s report – not a word of it was published, nothing for two years. Just now! It’s just that now is the right moment. There is a steep peak of Biden, it is profitable to bring this scandal under this case while Biden is in the White House. He will leave anyway. Therefore, the new candidate must come in white clothes and all clean, with a new, including, the composition of the security forces, which now also need to be cleaned, “Butina said.

According to her, so far it has been taken out of the brackets who took the testimony of informants on faith, who installed the “wiretapping” in Trump’s office.

“One more detail needs to be added to this mosaic. How Steele’s talk appears on the Web. It appeared as a supposedly “leaked” draft. This is also a very important fact. It’s one thing when some information appears on your company’s website, you are responsible for it. And if this is a “leaked” draft … Nobody seems to have anything to do with it. They even insured themselves in this, ”the deputy emphasized.

IA SM-News wrote: Maria Butina believes that the United States is trying to “burn out” family values ​​close to Russians. The Americans intend to belittle them in the eyes of the Russian public.

At the same time, as Butina is convinced, the state policy of the Russian Federation is aimed at establishing the continuity of generations.

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