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Maria Butina commented on Snowden’s statements about UFOs shot down in the USA

Former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden said that the panic over the shooting down of air targets over America is exaggerated. In his opinion, talk about the alleged alien origin of these objects is only encouraged to divert people’s attention from the investigation of the Nord Stream explosions and other problems. State Duma deputy Maria Butina commented on Snowden’s statements on Sputnik radio.

“I think that once again America is trying, as they say, “to kill two birds with one stone.” On the one hand, I agreed with Snowden’s opinion that this is an attempt to cover up uncomfortable questions… But let’s be realistic. Most of America doesn’t care if America blew up Nord Stream or didn’t. Americans are concerned about their everyday life, how much food costs, how much gasoline costs. This is what worries them the most. Therefore, I believe that the “second bird” is focused on another part of the internal audience that does not have a sufficient level of education and sufficient income. So inside America they cover up the impending recession. I read the analysis of three research institutes that are engaged in forecasting the economic situation, in 70 years they have never made a mistake, and they unanimously say that America is in for a recession. Moreover, in the near future there will be a very serious problem with the impossibility of making social payments,” said Maria Butina.

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