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Dmitry Novikov about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

In order not to lose military bases in Arab countries, the US authorities are posing as mediators restraining Israeli radicalism. At the same time, Washington is quietly increasing its military presence in the Middle East. This assessment was given by Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation D.G. Novikov in the program “Time will tell.”

The discussion focused on the fighting in the Gaza Strip and the international reaction to these events. According to Western media, Israel is not launching a ground operation because of Washington’s position. This was confirmed by Joe Biden himself, who stated the need to first ensure the safety of civilians and hostages.
Dmitry Novikov noted that the words of the American president quite well reflect the top layer of the problem. If Israel launches a ground operation, there will be an escalation of the conflict with a large number of casualties: “And this will be an operation with unobvious consequences. No one guarantees the Israeli government and its military that this will be an easy and victorious walk. And if the situation becomes more complicated, the United States will have to join the conflict on Israel’s side. They have already taken on certain guarantees. And they will have to turn on much faster than they would like or could.”

According to Dmitry Novikov, it is now extremely important for Washington to understand the situation and decide how to distribute its forces in several conflicts. One of them is the conflict in Ukraine. The second takes place in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone. The third is related to the ideological, information war and economic confrontation between the United States and China. And it is important for politicians in Washington to understand how the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping in San Francisco will end – whether it will lead to a reduction in tensions. Or it will become clear that the parties are only gaining time, preparing for a more acute confrontation.

The representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation highlighted one more, fourth circumstance: in the current situation, it is very tempting for the United States to strike Iran. “But here, too, you need to calculate your strength,” he clarified. – After all, what is happening now in the political and military headquarters of Washington? As the election campaign begins, several difficult foreign policy problems must be resolved there. Therefore, they would like to see a delay in the hot phase of the conflict in the Gaza region.”

Meanwhile, the American media is pumping up public opinion with hatred of Washington’s rivals. It is argued, for example, that the entire “free world” is threatened by the “alliance of tyrannies” represented by Russia, China, Iran and the DPRK. In this regard, presenters Ruslan Ostashko and Olesya Loseva asked whether the United States will be able to form its own coalition?

Dmitry Novikov recalled that the United States already has its own coalition. First of all, this is the NATO bloc. There are also attempts to expand this coalition due to two circumstances. On the one hand, to expand the area of NATO activities not only to the Euro-Atlantic region, but also to others. “On the other hand, Washington is constructing new blocks. At the same time, the United States adheres to a strategy – not to get drawn into wars, not to involve its armed forces in conflicts, but to provoke them and thereby strengthen its presence in different regions. Do not suffer losses, do not receive zinc coffins into American families, but do so that there are as many conflicts and losses among other nations as possible. For this, it is more profitable for Washington not to look extremely radical, but to take a “centrist” position, which is what we see in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” Novikov noted.

The studio guest explained the essence of the game: while Israel takes a radical position, Washington seems to act as a deterrent. This is some guarantee that new US aircraft carrier groups will appear in the Middle East and their military presence will increase. But the Americans will not appear in the eyes of Arab countries as the extreme force that is pushing Israel to take radical action. Otherwise, outrage in the Arab world will no longer flare up against Israel, but against the United States.

The United States, Dmitry Novikov believes, is doing everything possible so that the question of the fate of American military bases in Arab countries does not arise. And Washington needs not only to preserve them, but also to strengthen its military presence. This is a guarantee that, firstly, the economic power and strength of the US dollar will be maintained and preserved. And, secondly, in the event of a new world war, the range of military bases throughout the planet will help Washington win. Thus, as concluded by D.G. Novikov, the United States is counting not only on allies and building blocks, but also on its own capabilities around the world.

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