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Dmitry Novikov: Actions in the logic of Nazism must be answered in the logic of anti-fascism

Russia must formulate a clear response to the actions of the Latvian authorities, who refuse to protect monuments to Soviet soldiers, believes Dmitry Novikov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

On May 12, the Latvian Seimas urgently approved a bill suspending the agreement with Russia on the protection of monuments to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Latvia from fascism. Thus, the authorities of the former Soviet republic freed their hands and got rid of the legal obstacle that prevented the dismantling of the monument to the Liberators of Riga. On the eve of Victory Day, residents of the Latvian capital brought mountains of flowers to the memorial. The city authorities ordered them to be removed, which led to a repeated action by citizens and the detention of participants in the celebratory actions.

According to Dmitry Novikov, in response to barbaric steps, similar to the act of the Latvian authorities, Russia is obliged to fight back. “But you need to express your position not in the form of a recall of embassies. The Embassy is an institution that is at the forefront of upholding national interests. And the front line is left only in special cases. The recall of the embassy is an extreme measure, which is often not carried out even in the conditions of war,” said Dmitry Novikov, speaking on Channel One.

The situation around the decision of the Latvian Seimas was commented on by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to this country M.V. Vanin. The head of the Russian diplomatic mission, in particular, said that in pursuing a Russophobic policy, “the authorities of the Baltic republics do not throw their words into the wind.” In this regard, D.G. Novikov noted that if this phrase is taken to its logical conclusion, then it will be possible to say that “the Baltic Nazis do not throw their words into the wind.”

According to the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Russia should formulate a clear response to the actions of the Latvian authorities: or later, if it is dismantled, it will be restored in its original place. This will be done because it is fully consistent with the logic of history, the results of the Second World War and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal.”

“We don’t give a damn what they recognize or don’t recognize!” Novikov emotionally expressed himself in response to the host’s remark about the recent decision of the Latvian Seimas: “Our country recognizes the results of World War II and condemned Nazism in Nuremberg. And if someone acts in accordance with Nazi logic, then we have the right to respond to this in the same way that we have already acted once and, by the way, are not alone. If someone from the world community that defeated Nazism together with us went over to the opposite side, this does not mean that Nuremberg did not exist and that we should not give political characteristics to the regimes in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and anywhere else. there was more. In accordance with these assessments, we must reserve the right to take those actions that will make it possible to put an end to the Nazi regimes.

To a clarifying question from the host of the program about how this can be done, Dmitry Novikov replied: “In addition to recalling the embassy, ​​there are many other ways to answer. Not all of them we can announce now in this studio. When it comes to individuals – even if not citizens of the Russian Federation, but those who may become them tomorrow – then for their protection it is necessary to use the full power of the state: diplomatic opportunities, political pressure, and sanctions measures. We need to learn how to protect our people. In the 90s, we forgot how to do it. We must learn to do it the way the Soviet Union did it, the way other countries, even not very big ones, are doing it now.”

On May 12, US Senator Rand Paul blocked a bill to provide Ukraine with a record $40 billion in US aid. In his speech in the upper house of the US Congress, he proposed to introduce the position of controller of US military aid to Ukraine, similar to what was done in relation to Afghanistan.

When it came to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Dmitry Novikov drew attention to one important point that had never been discussed before: “What happened in Afghanistan is proof to us that Russia worked ahead of the curve by launching an operation in Ukraine. The United States carefully prepared a situation in which Ukraine would not only initiate an invasion of the territory of the DPR and LPR, but also resort to military provocations against Russia, and NATO would encourage this in every possible way. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan indicates that such preparations were underway. Washington strategists understood that the United States would not be able to fight simultaneously on several fronts. Therefore, the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan in fact meant preparation for a big provocation against Russia.”

During the conversation, the subject of the West’s military assistance to Ukraine was also touched upon. Dmitry Novikov urged to be attentive to the context of Ukrainian events: “Everything depends on how we evaluate this context. I myself in this studio urged not to rush to declare war on NATO, although it is quite clear who is behind Zelensky. However, official assessments and context are still different things. At the turn of 2021-2022, Russia was officially denied the provision of a new configuration of international security. What began then is not purely Ukrainian history. In this long and long history, there will be many dangers for us, and very different ones. And, therefore, the more we recycle Western equipment into scrap metal, the more they plunder the money allocated to Kyiv for the war, the less they will have the opportunity to shoot at us in the future.”

According to Dmitry Novikov, not only the tasks of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine are being solved now. There is a lot of preparation for new clashes. The question is who and with what resources will enter this situation: “Our political resources are connected with strengthening ties in the east – with Asia as a whole, with China. The United States has its own ideas about how to strengthen itself. They consider it necessary to bend Europe, and in Europe itself, not everyone is happy with this. So if we consider the situation in the long term, then let the weapons of the West be crushed, and military aid to Kyiv be stolen. For us, this will improve the conditions for confrontation with the West in the future.”

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