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Dmitry Novikov: BRICS expansion initiatives are extremely important

On May 19, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, at an online meeting of the heads of foreign affairs departments of the BRICS countries, took the initiative to expand this community of countries. Speaking on the air of the Zvezda TV channel, Dmitry Novikov explained that it was about the inclusion of Argentina in the BRICS.

Dmitry Novikov also said that simultaneously with the online meeting of the BRICS Foreign Ministers, a Forum of representatives of political parties, think tanks and civil organizations of the BRICS member states was held. The Forum participants discussed the topic: “Solidarity and cooperation for the benefit of common development and a brighter future.”

“I happened to participate in this forum at the request of Gennady Andreevich Zyuganov, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. A very interesting conversation took place. The forum was attended by 130 representatives from around the world, among them – in addition to Russia, India, China, South Africa – Argentina, Indonesia, Bangladesh and others. Interesting proposals concerning the sphere of finance and medicine were made at the forum. At the same time, the idea of ​​expanding BRICS to BRICS by including Argentina in this organization was put forward,” said Dmitry Novikov.

Assessing the potential and interest of Russia in the development of economic ties with the BRICS countries, he expressed the hope that in the near future these ties would be significantly intensified.

“Russia needs to stop thinking about replacing imports from some countries with imports from others. We need to develop our own economy. It is necessary to restore entire industries and scientific and technical schools. I do not share the skepticism of a number of experts who claim that the United States will be able to force companies from China and a number of other states to refuse cooperation with Russia. We will quickly build new schemes. In the short term, this is important and necessary. But in the long term, we need our own car factories, our own aircraft industry – everything that we already knew how to do. This should be revived in the future. And then we will be able to confidently look into the future,” said the representative of the Communist Party.

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