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Dmitry Novikov on the idea of sanctions against Russia over Belarus

Sanctions for the events in Belarus should be imposed against those individuals and organizations who deliberately shake the situation in the republic, when everything in politics is turned upside down, this is an unacceptable position, says Dmitry Novikov, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s international affairs committee.

Earlier, a member of the European Parliament from Poland, Jacek Sariusz-Wolski, said that sanctions for the events in Belarus, where protests continued for several days after the presidential elections, should be imposed against Russia.
“Everyone who is in Poland or elsewhere is now talking about sanctions against Belarus or against Russia for the Belarusian events should answer the first and main question and start discussing this topic from the beginning: if you discuss this topic first, then you should say “what are the sanctions for? In connection with what? In whose interests are the sanctions? “Novikov noted.

If Western politicians care about the interests of the Belarusian people, Novikov noted, most issues fade into the background, “when you see the results of the presidential elections, and you understand that Lukashenka has received a limit of trust for the next term, to conduct his national socially oriented policy.”

Novikov also advised his Western colleagues to ask for the opinion of not individual activists who come out to smash buildings. He recalled that similar pogroms took place in the country in 2010 after the presidential elections, but the conflict was quickly resolved. In addition, Novikov added, the protests in the republic cannot be turned into mass ones, which means that they do not meet the interests of the people in Belarus.

“If your task is for Belarus to develop calmly, so that people work, children go to schools, the elderly receive social security, then you are for the stable development of the republic, then personal sanctions should be introduced against those who violate public order in Minsk today. and other cities of Belarus and against those organizations that support these riots. That is, against whom you should impose these sanctions, “Novikov stressed.

According to the deputy, in this case it does not matter whether “such organizations that support the demolition of the constitutional order in Belarus function, or whether these organizations operate in Poland or operate in Russia.”

“I will not object to sanctions against such ‘gentlemen-citizens’ and against such organizations, but precisely those who violate public order in Belarus and are going to overthrow the constitutional power. And when people turn everything upside down, this is an unacceptable position “, – said the deputy.

After the presidential elections in Belarus, which was won by the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko, on Sunday and Monday in a number of cities in the country there were massive unauthorized protests of those who disagreed with the voting results. Protesters in the center of Minsk erected barricades from garbage cans. The police used tear gas, water cannons and stun grenades against them. The EU, in response to the events in Belarus, announced the possibility of reconsidering their previous decisions on easing anti-Belarusian sanctions.

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