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Dmitry Novikov on Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia

Xi Jinping’s state visit to Russia has become the main event not only in Russia, but also in the global agenda of recent days. Its importance is emphasized by the fact that the visit to Moscow takes place immediately after the re-election of the President of the PRC for a third term.

It is clear that the participants in the program on Channel One could not pass by this event. However, the views on the situation turned out to be opposite. The American journalist Michael Bohm decided to draw parallels with the 1950s, when, they say, the USSR and China already proclaimed friendship forever against the United States, but it lasted only ten years. Something similar, the guest argued, would happen now. Dmitry Novikov pointed out the craftiness of such analogies. “Nothing went wrong. We still rely on the foundation laid then,” he recalled.

Another participant in the program, Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolovskaya, came in from the other side. According to her, because of the Soviet-Chinese discord, she could not even buy Chinese towels. “In the USSR, we successfully produced our own towels from Uzbek cotton,” the deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation responded to this.

As part of the program, a fragment of an interview with Fox News, coordinator for strategic communications at the US National Security Council, John Kirby, was shown. The American official demanded that China take a pro-Ukrainian stance and said that a ceasefire in Ukraine is unacceptable.

Dmitry Novikov responded to these statements with the words: “Kirby is one of those who are hard not to classify as patented pyromaniacs. So they are engaged in inciting and inciting all sorts of conflicts. Ukraine is no exception. When they say that Xi Jinping’s visit and Russia’s friendship with China pose a threat to the United States, that’s bandit logic. The normal development of events – the removal of conflicts, the improvement of relations between countries – is unacceptable for globalists. This means that they are going to continue banditry, bring chaos to the world, incite wars. Any other policy aimed at peace, agreements, trade, humanitarian cooperation already seems like a threat to them.”

Turning directly to the state visit of Xi Jinping to Russia, the representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation recalled that in world politics, as a rule, nothing happens by accident: strong shots. Now the positions of heads of governments and states, leaders of European diplomacy are occupied by sometimes very strange people. And you can expect any decisions from them. But this certainly does not apply to Chinese diplomacy – it inherits the best world traditions. And, in general, there is nothing accidental in Chinese politics.”

According to Novikov, Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow did not just happen because the parties once agreed on it and planned everything. This is an important demonstration of the fact that China and Russia intend to further deepen their cooperation. A very important point is the cross-publication of two articles by the heads of state in the Russian and Chinese press. It also underlines the willingness to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also pointed out that the life of Russia, which was full of political events these days, was also marked by the holding of the Russia-Africa parliamentary forum. According to the speaker, parliamentary delegations from more than forty countries are represented at it. There is an interesting dialogue going on in a variety of areas. The interest in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the forum is predetermined by the fact that China and Russia act as spokesmen for the interests and sentiments of the Third World.

“China has done a lot to express the interests of developing countries at the UN and other international platforms. If Xi Jinping made his visits to those countries that symbolize the representation of the interests of the countries of the “third world” – to Brazil or South Africa, members of the BRICS, then the United States would shiver and perceive it as a threat. Allegedly, China is forging alliances against Washington. Well, if he came to Moscow, then you definitely need to look for a threat here, ”the assessments of the communist parliamentarian sounded.

Dmitry Novikov said that exactly five days before his visit to Moscow, Xi Jinping personally took part in the High-Level Dialogue between the CCP and Political Parties of the World. According to the deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Russian parties also participated in it. An interesting discussion took place. Speaking, Xi Jinping put forward a new international initiative to form a single human civilization. “This is a completely new idea. I do not rule out that Xi Jinping will use his trip to Moscow to give this initiative a proper sound. Surely, one day we will be able to discuss it in this studio, ”said Dmitry Georgievich.

Yanina Sokolovskaya, meanwhile, suggested that the biggest nightmare for the United States would be India joining the Russian-Chinese alliance. According to Novikov, there is a rational grain in this. He explained: “If the “two” of Russia and China is added to

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