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Elena Panina announced the danger of “new revanchism” from Germany

A new revanchism is emerging in Germany, the essence of which is the desire to suppress Russia, Elena Panina, a member of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, told RIA Novosti, commenting on the words of the German deputy about the course of the FRG government to “prepare for war with the Russian Federation.”

Earlier, the Bundestag deputy from the Left faction Sevim Dagdelen wrote an article in which she stated that Germany, increasing defense spending, is preparing for a military conflict with Russia. She noted that the German government is betting on an unprecedented rearmament so that in a few years Germany will become the largest military power on the continent, with defense spending of 85 billion euros, far exceeding Russia’s military spending.

“Today in Germany there is a change of political generations, a new generation of politicians is entering the scene, brought up in the spirit of aggressiveness towards our country. A” new revanchism “is emerging, which is no longer based on nationalism, but, for example, on radical environmentalism. However, the essence of revanchism , consisting in the desire to suppress, humiliate and dismember Russia, has remained unchanged, “- said Panina.

According to her, over the past 30 years, “Germany’s power” has grown, it has become not only the strongest economy in Europe, but one of the strongest military powers on the continent, while the political leaders formed in the era of the country’s unification understood the need for cooperation with Russia.

“This revanchism, this” Drang nach Osten “(” onslaught on the East “- ed.), Albeit now under different slogans, will not bring anything good to Germany. The active participation of the Bundeswehr in the work of the NATO military machine, directed by the US, makes the Germans hostage However, the fact that there are politicians among the Bundestag deputies who are able to objectively assess these risks inspires hope that aggressiveness towards Russia will not go beyond the line after which there is no return, “Panina noted, adding that the modern leadership Germany consists of adequate people who are aware of the consequences of confrontation.

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