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Elena Panina commented on the accusations against Viktor Medvedchuk

The treason charges brought against the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, and member of the political council of the Oppositional Society for Life, Taras Kozak, became another step towards turning this country into a totalitarian state, State Duma deputy, member of the International Affairs Committee Elena told RIA Novosti Panin.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova said earlier that Medvedchuk and Kozak are suspected of treason and plundering of national resources in Crimea. According to law enforcement officials, Medvedchuk became a suspect in three episodes: the first concerns the fact that since March 2015 he has allegedly been illegally transmitting data to the Russian Federation on minerals in Crimea, in particular on a gas field with reserves amounting to about 38 billion hryvnias (more than 1.3 billion dollars), the second is that Medvedchuk allegedly transferred secret information about a hidden military unit of the armed forces of Ukraine to Kozak, who is in the Russian Federation. Under Ukrainian law, deputies face up to 15 years in prison.

“The fact that the repressions against Medvedchuk and his associates began immediately after the arrival of US State Department Chief Blinken in Kiev and negotiations with Zelensky is hardly an accident. There is every reason to believe that the destruction of the political opposition in Ukraine is the result of” manual control “by USA “, – said Panina.

According to her, this event was another step towards the transformation of Ukraine into a totalitarian state, where dissent is brutally suppressed and civil liberties are violated.

“For Zelensky, this story is another episode on the path of self-exposure, throwing off masks. Running for the presidency, he promised to punish Poroshenko, who personified blood and war. Instead, he does the exact opposite – organizing repressions against Medvdechuk, who tried to stop the war,” the deputy stressed …

She also added that the May 9 celebration in Ukraine showed that millions of people do not accept the nationalist dictatorship, and their sympathies clearly belong to the Opposition Platform.
“Against this background, Zelensky feels that the soil is slipping from under his feet and is trying to eliminate the main political rival,” Panina explained.

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