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Elena Panina: “For Europe, Russian values are closer to American ones”

Russia’s position on peace is closer to Europe, for which the colonial era is a thing of the past, unlike the United States, where it continues, said Elena Panina, member of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, commenting on the results of a survey commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations in 12 EU countries.

In the poll, only one in five people surveyed agreed that the United States shares common values ​​with Europe. The majority, however, believe that it is only necessary to cooperate with Washington for strategic purposes.

“Most Europeans are accustomed to living in a peaceful and predictable foreign policy space. US claims for global domination sharply increase international tension, and this pushes Europeans out of their usual comfort zone, deprives them of a sense of stability and predictability,” Panina told RIA Novosti, noting that the results of the poll natural.

According to her, in this case, Russia’s values ​​for dialogue and peaceful coexistence are closer to Europe, in contrast to American attitudes.

“For Europeans, the colonial era, the era of the struggle for world domination is a thing of the past, but for the United States it still continues,” Panina emphasized.

At the same time, despite the “squall anti-Russian propaganda”, many residents of European countries understand that the reasons for the current global instability, the reasons for geopolitical turbulence should be sought not in Russian, but in American foreign policy, the deputy stated.

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